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Journalism: The change will provide a chance

Richard Gingras has spread his view on the future of journalism, which according to him is bright, brighter than ever before. A fairly strong statement, especially in this digital era in which print media see their revenues dropping. Advertisements

Debatable debating styles

The content of the presidential debates is often overshadowed by some popular soundbites taken from the debate. Let’s recall the infamous Big Bird and Romney’s ‘binders full of women’. Actually, let’s focus on the debates apart from the content. Whereas I consider content most important, the debating style says a lot about the candidate as […]

Newsweek no longer on paper

After 8 decades Newsweek finally decided to stop publishing a print version of Newsweek, an internationally known magazine. After December 31st this year, Newsweek will only be available digitally (Reuters). Newsweek’s given into the modern times where mobile devices are becoming the first screen and are favored over paper. Tina Brown, editor-in-chief called the newspaper […]

Our Dutch celebrity: A Criminal.

Willem Holleeder is the most famous criminal in The Netherlands. His ‘fame’ was created by his first act of crime: Kidnapping Heineken. Yes, th√© man behind the Dutch’ most famous beer. He served his time afterwards, but was soon at liberty, back in the world of crime. He has been accused of extortion, bribery and […]

The almighty Murdoch contused?

Murdoch, the media magnet, has been questioned on his dual role in the News Corporation. After ‘Rupertgate’, investment firms LAPFF and Christian ¬†Brothers Investment Services require an independent chairman for the media conglomerate (The Independent). The worn out media mogul has been under pressure many times because of the much controversy his statements and actions […]