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Newsweek no longer on paper

After 8 decades Newsweek finally decided to stop publishing a print version of Newsweek, an internationally known magazine. After December 31st this year, Newsweek will only be available digitally (Reuters). Newsweek’s given into the modern times where mobile devices are becoming the first screen and are favored over paper. Tina Brown, editor-in-chief called the newspaper an outdated medium and does not feel like the right medium anymore. Are we looking into journalism’s future?

Deciding to go all digital was however a long and intense process of discussing. The costs of printing and distributing the magazine, including other expenses, were outweighing the revenues so it’s also a financial decision. Important to note however, is that Newsweek has been known for controversial covers, and some might say their cover were more known than its content. Online, covers are less relevant to a magazine, thus this feature will be lost.

Keeping up with the newer generations, who will go all digital eventually, the fear is that print editions of newspapers and magazines will no longer exist in the near future. Newspapers already provide both print and digital versions, and they see their print revenues decreasing. My own news consumption does not match the profile of the online generation, as I consume the daily news on TV, through news broadcasts and (news) talk shows. People my age – and thus me included, are rarely reading the newspaper hence I believe the digital future is an inevitable one. I do hope it will take a long time for actual newspapers to die out. I’d like to hold on to the romantic image of reading the morning paper at the kitchen table, instead of people bumping into others on the street with their coffee-to-go and eyes fixated on the iPad.


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