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Debatable debating styles

The content of the presidential debates is often overshadowed by some popular soundbites taken from the debate. Let’s recall the infamous Big Bird and Romney’s ‘binders full of women’. Actually, let’s focus on the debates apart from the content. Whereas I consider content most important, the debating style says a lot about the candidate as well. From ‘speeching’ behind a desk, walking around and sitting down at a table, the set up of the debate has proven its importance to set the tone. 

The first debate was obviously not Obama’s night, whereas the second debate allowed him to shine more. The Chicago Tribune researched who controls the debates, and to what extent this has influence. So far, the length, messy set up (the candidates talk over their time, every time) and mild moderators have been criticized. Romney and Obama continuously interrupted each other last Tuesday night and the debate seemed more as a battle between the two gentlemen, where they only had eye for each other at some times.

According to CNN Obama had more speaking time in both debates, whilst Romney have said more words. Relevant? It does say something about their speaking ability and style. Romney’s (often) aggressive style contains fast talking, whereas Obama has been parodied on saying too much ‘uhm’ and seemingly thinking over his speech at the spot. The argument of Republicans have made that it is unfair Obama has received more speaking time, is invalid, as apparently Romney needs less time to say more. But of course, content is most import, right?


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