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Saving the newspaper’s credibility

In Poland, an editor of an newspaper has resigned after false statements claimed by the newspaper about the crash of a Polish governmental airplane (nu.nl). After apologies the editor yet decided to resign, to not only save the newspaper’s reputation, but in my eyes a deed of saving journalism’s credibility.

With social media growing into news sources of the online generation, credibility is something scarce. It’s still owned by traditional media sources, however they need to take good care of it. An editor quitting because of false statements might seem overdone, but if the newspaper is not to trust on truthfulness, what is?

The situation maybe needs more explanation. The airplane crash in 2010 killed 96 people of which members of the Polish government including the president and his wife. The airplane crashed in Russia, which led to a more tense relationship between the countries, as both blamed each other of the accident. All the more important to not falsely report on the crash, which could intensify possible hostile feelings even more.

In journalism today and what any student is taught in class is that credibility is a worthy good, and one needs to cherish it. In the new digital era traditional media are coping with the growing popularity of social media as the main information source for news. The only thing they can hold onto is their credibility and the editor was a noble man doing a good deed. For the sake of journalism.


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