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Election Night requires basic journalism

The 2012 Presidential election in the United States was unsurprisingly heavily covered by all TV networks throughout the past months. However, where the networks often go crazy on technological gadgets and techniques to perk up their broadcasts, they played it safe on election night. Apart from some holograms and state of the art virtual graphs, the networks slightly modernized the age-old news broadcasting setting and were more concerned with conveying the truth (TV Newser).

I was surprised the networks did not pull out all the stops and made Election Night even more confusing than it already is. No, the coverage was simple – but not plain, it was all the election needed, understandable statistics and clear results. The simplicity was throughout all networks, with Fox News topping it off with their walk of shame of Megyn Kelly, insisted by Karl Rove.

As a Dutchie, used to news broadcasts on set hours, where there was week long hype in the media around the changing format of our major news channel (in the new studio the anchors were walking – scary!), I find the 24 hour news channels where all technological novelties are used to supposedly clear up the message conveyed, almost always over the top. Thus, I think it’s a good thing the networks went back to basic. Journalism for doesn’t need all the fancy stuff, it’s about the quality of reporting and conveying the unbiased truth. And they did, as all networks were right in their calling of states.


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