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Magazines: at the bottom or top?

Many, many, many have talked about the threat of the new media against the old media. Now it’s the magazines’ turn. It is known Oprah’s magazine ‘O’ is struggling – which is in part due to the decreasing fan base of Ms. Winfrey herself, but partly also because the medium is outdated. Ms. Winfrey’s quote however brings […]

TV is (still) in!

Whereas TV was thought to be dying alongside its other ‘old’ media friends, people have not given up yet on television.  It seems people still enjoy it (CNN).

Truth hurts, doesn’t it Fox?

A funny and perfect example of what only confirms what I and many others with me think of Fox; being biased is their forte. Fox News interviewed an author and veteran defense reporter on the attack of The United States’ diplomatic compound in Libya, when the interviewee, Thomas Ricks, bashed Fox and accused the network […]

The future of CNN

Jeff Zucker is hired as the new president of CNN Worldwide, and has a clear vision for starters. The current president of CNN, Jim Walton will resign at the end of the year as he wants make room for a new perspective, and Zucker offers that in his aim to ‘broaden the definition of news’ […]