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The future of CNN

Jeff Zucker is hired as the new president of CNN Worldwide, and has a clear vision for starters. The current president of CNN, Jim Walton will resign at the end of the year as he wants make room for a new perspective, and Zucker offers that in his aim to ‘broaden the definition of news’ (MediaBistro).

What Walton did not succeed in doing – increasing the number of viewers, is high on the to-do-list for Zucker. By broadening the definition of news he means to focus on more topic than just your regular politics and war portion, and expand to other programs with other topics in the area of sports, fashion and technology (MediaBistro). But the s00n-to-be president is not losing the journalistic values out of sight.

Most important is Zucker’s view on who to consider as competition, to not limit to other news broadcasters as MSNBC and Fox. Any program on TV that produces non-fiction content is now considered a threat for CNN as long as their eyeing for eyeballs, just like CNN is. Zucker thus wants to say he’s looking for more ratings.

Of course everyone knows every network out there is just like Zucker, a sucker for ratings, but nonetheless it feels unethical for a news network to say. Let’s just hope CNN won’t lose control with their new fashion programs and try their hardest to not lose sight of what a news network is all about; delivering the news in the best and unbiased way.


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