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Truth hurts, doesn’t it Fox?

A funny and perfect example of what only confirms what I and many others with me think of Fox; being biased is their forte. Fox News interviewed an author and veteran defense reporter on the attack of The United States’ diplomatic compound in Libya, when the interviewee, Thomas Ricks, bashed Fox and accused the network of hyping up this attack. He was cut short and Fox did not let him have anymore airtime. Funny.

Ricks went on shortly after his remark, on why he thought the attack was hyped by the network, by claiming Fox to be operating from the viewpoint of the Republican party. The author says the airtime he was given was half of what was promised, yet the network could have known what they had coming. Thomas Ricks beliefs the attack is so political and brought to the attention by Fox often, is because they want to show the miscarrying of the Obama administration.

Fox never really came out to say they’re supportive of the Republican Party and still try to give the impression they’re unbiased, at which they totally fail. The network is not too fond of criticism and is rarely aired on their network. Eric Boehlert makes an interesting point, saying no-one in the media tried to defend the network on this claim, that Fox is right-winged. They don’t say they’re not, but they don’t deny it either.

During the elections this debate of political sides was heated up of course, where Fox took their turn to accuse other networks of being left-winged. Reports have shown Obama has had more positive coverage, however, I feel Obama have had less positive coverage on Fox than Romney has had on the other networks. Just a hunch.

Anyway, Mr. Ricks received 90 seconds from Fox to get the truth out and leave Fox in a perilous situation. Way to go.


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