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TV is (still) in!

Whereas TV was thought to be dying alongside its other ‘old’ media friends, people have not given up yet on television.  It seems people still enjoy it (CNN).

With the advent of programs like Netflix it was predicted the tube would slowly die out as the source for entertainment and infotainment. It seems it’s quite the contrary; commercial stations on the telly generate more revenues than the new kids in town – Facebook’s shares have only decreased since it went public. Also, the TV viewing number went up as the American public spend more time in front of the screen since 2003.

I love how this is news. I find the prediction of TV dying out quite radical, as it has been a medium for very long time. OK,  the newspaper has been around for a longer time, but the TV can innovate and technically advance every time, thus not ever fall behind. News programs might be struggling with online sources, but know how to make use of it and provide the viewer the second screen. But where are you going to get your (live) entertainment? News sources are also still considered most trustworthy as no online shenanigans can interfere.


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